The TAT SHAK is a Dual Sport hostel with over 700 sq ft. of enclosed housing & amenities to accommodate D/S riders requiring R&R&R (Rest, Repair, Relaxation). Get you & your bike out of the elements (if only for a few minutes). Features include a bathroom, kitchen, sleeping areas, covered deck and even covered parking for your steed. Also inside you will find information & posted maps and of local and state areas, including places for fuel, food and motorcycle repair shops. 



With a minimalist design approach, the TAT SHAK features two bedrooms for your snoozing pleasure.  Each room is complete with a sturdy floor, elevated bed, electrical outlets and even lights.  




Nothing is worse than not knowing where you are or where you can get help.  Here at the TAT Shak we provide you with Local, State and City information - even repair shops!






Length – 60'
Width – 12'
Roof – Yes
Design –  Minimalist
Length – 67'
Guest Cabins – 2


 A/C & Heat              Hot & Cold Water      
 Electric Lighting
 Kitchen              Coffee Maker        Extra Firm Beds  Local, State & City  Maps 



 Covered Deck          Covered  Parking         Garden Hose          Uh, that's about it